Numbness in Hand

Numbness in hand can be caused by a variety of symptoms. While it’s important to receive advice and treatment from a doctor or health care professional, there are many steps an individual can take to diagnose and treat a numbness in hand.

Numbness in hand can be caused by some nutritional deficiencies, diabetic neoropathy, nerve damage, and many other physiological conditions. The human body contains an intricate and delicate nervous system. This nervous system consists of hundreds of miles of nerve tissues, myelin sheaths, somatic cells, and other critical structures. These systems combine to allow an individual to experience everyday life. A failure in any part of the nervous system can result in a variety of symptoms.

A numbness in hand can be caused by a vitamin B12 or folic acid deficiency. These essential vitamins are used by the body during the synthesis of nerve fibers. They play a critical role in the construction of myelin sheaths. A myelin sheath is a protective structure that surrounds nerve fibers. It allows cells in the body to send electrical signals to and from the brain.

A damaged myelin sheath can cause a numbness in hand, difficulty gripping objects. a lack of sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, and more. Some patients with damage to the myelin sheath can have trouble using their limbs. Some individuals who are exposed to nitrous oxide may experience this type of numbness in hand and foot.

A numbness of hand can also indicate nervous system damage resulting from diabetes. Diabetes is caused by poor sugar regulation in the body. It can create a variety of dangerous symptoms in many people. Since the nervous system requires a healthy body for normal operation, diabetes can cause several nervous system disorders. It’s often possible to experience a numbness of hand, gangrene, diabetic foot syndrome, and more.

Some types of nerve damage can be caused by physical trauma. A broken arm or leg may cause numbness in fingers or toes. Physical trauma can cause temporary nervous system damage. While this can create an alarming condition for many patients, it’s often temporary. The nervous system can often rebuild damage neurons over a few months.

There are many potential reasons a person may experience a numbness in hand. Since it can be difficult to self-diagnose many health conditions, it’s important to talk with a health care professional or doctor. Always request a second opinion if there is any doubt about a diagnosis.